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Dutch (Holland) Gardens

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A garden design originating from one of the most densely populated countries in the world, the Dutch garden is known for its close design and efficient use of space. In the Netherlands, where the style of garden originated, the plots available for planting are especially small so the use of planting space and light are critical to creating a pleasing design.

The Dutch Garden Worldwide

The term associated with the tiny, organized gardens in the Netherlands has spread considerably across the globe. Today, the term “Dutch garden” doesn’t just mean a garden in the corresponding nation. It can also mean any small, square garden that is enclosed usually by a low wall or hedge. The term can also be applied to a garden planted heavily with tulips.

dutch holland gardens

Dutch (Holland) Garden

Inside the Dutch Garden

When you visit a Dutch garden, you’ll expect to see a highly geometric constructed space. The garden makes use of hedges, symmetry and dense plants to create an ultra organized space that is appealing and refined. The best known example of a Dutch garden is not in the Netherlands at all, but rather in the gardens of Kensington Palace of the UK.

Inside that garden, you’ll find almost perfect symmetry between plants and shrubs as well as carefully placed flowers that fall into lines and boxes. Pathways cross between the various plantings to create the sharp patterns that make these Dutch gardens unique.

The Dutch gardens back home in the Netherlands are a bit less rigid in their structure than the ones found in the UK and in other countries, but there is still the same principle of tightness and control. The garden plots are small and carefully laid out to maximize space and beauty. The homes are tightly pressed together in the cities making traditional gardening a challenge for many. With a Dutch garden, however, the savvy planters are able to turn that tiny urban space into a truly amazing natural wonder.

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